Talk flash fund think HackCanyon.

It is a so simple thing to Think HackCanyon when you talk about flash fund to available balance instantly, that doesn’t matter weather you are residing in the UK, India, Australia or any part of Africa, Neither does it matter if you’re sending 1,000,000 BDT to a Bangladesh account or r400,000,000 to a South African account in African region. Yes! it doesn’t really matter. That is because with the HackCanyon program and a paid license you can easily send flash funds transaction into any bank account available or ledger balance without any means of trances from bank network or officials not even any interruptions to transaction limiting and durability.

If this sounds beyond reasonable doubt then you may want to continue reading so If you have landed on this page accidently but went on reading to this point then you actually not reading accidentally you really are looking for the best way to flash funds and we are glad to let you know you are on the right path, but before moving on if you are amongst those that don’t completely know or understand the term flash funds or what it means to be flash funding into available balance, here on this post you will learn that just read on.

Very few or no persons make use of flash funds transactions especially when the service has been field-in with so many different types of seller who are totally unable to execute the request while some are with little or not even any knowledge what the service is like and how it operates. Well we’d like to let you know that all of the theory are written in coded languages into characters that are expressed when the commands are pushed and carried out. The method mostly used are different depending on the nature and type of flash funding that is being sent to the targeted account. The messaging protocols is exactly what helps in describing exactly the proper letter of credit that is required for flash to be delivered to the receiving account. But how do you know what a letter of credit really is? check below!

LETTER OF CREDIT  provides sellers with reassurance or a guarantee that they will be paid for a significant transaction. In international or foreign transactions, letters of credit are especially common. They serve as an avenue for financial institutions or other authorized parties involved in the transaction to provide payment insurance.

There are various different types of letter of credit but this post will only describe three(3) of it. 


1. Standby Letter Of Credit(SLOC).
2. Commercial Letter Of credit(CLOC).
3. Revocable Letter Of Credit(RLOC).

1. Standby Letter Of Credit (

As the name portrait standby letter of credit is A financial instrument that a bank issues on behalf of a client Standby Letter of Credit (SLOC). In the event that the client (applicant) neglects to perform contractual responsibilities, such as making a payment or meeting deadlines, it acts as a guarantee of payment to a third party (beneficiary). The issuing bank will have to bare any loss or responsibilities caused by her clients for not meeting up. There are also some attributes as how the standby letter of credit works.

  1. ISSUANCE: The client (applicant) requests the bank to issue an SLOC in favor of the beneficiary. The bank evaluates the client’s creditworthiness and agrees to issue the SLOC if the client meets its requirements. The bank charges fees for issuing the SLOC, typically based on a percentage of the SLOC amount and the duration of validity.
  2. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The terms and conditions under which the beneficiary will receive payment from the bank are specified in the SLOC. The underlying contract or agreement between the client and the beneficiary is typically reflected in these terms. They might contain information on the amount covered, the expiration date, the drawing circumstances, and any necessary paperwork.
  3. PAYMENT: Upon receipt of a compliant demand from the beneficiary, the bank is obligated to honor the SLOC by making payment up to the specified amount. The bank then looks to recover the amount paid from the client, along with any applicable fees and charges.

international trade, construction projects, and other commercial transactions where parties may require assurance of payment or performance. They provide a level of security to both the buyer and seller, reducing the risk of non-payment or non-performance.

2. Commercial Letter of Credit

Commercial letter of credit is one of the documents applicants provide for international trade transactions. It’s a guarantee issued by a bank on behalf of a buyer (importer) to pay a specified amount of money to a seller (exporter) upon presentation of certain documents, typically related to the shipment of goods. Here’s how it generally works. It measures are are done thoroughly through some sections:

  • Agreement: right before any transaction is kick started an agreement should be done The buyer and seller agree to use a letter of credit as the method of payment for the goods being traded
  • Term’s and Conditions: The CLOC outlines the terms and conditions of the transaction, including the amount of money, documents required for payment, expiry date, shipping terms, etc. These terms must be precisely followed for payment to be made.
  • Presentation of Documents: The seller presents these documents to their bank (advising bank), which verifies if they comply with the terms and conditions of the LC.
  • Payment: Upon verification of the documents, the advising bank forwards them to the issuing bank. If the documents are in order, the issuing bank is obligated to honor the LC by making payment to the seller or accepting drafts drawn by the seller.
  • Shipment: The seller ships the goods to the buyer and gathers the necessary documents specified in the LC, such as the bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin.

Commercial Letters of Credit offer protection to both the vendor and the customer. As long as the seller abides by the terms of the LC, payment is guaranteed, and the buyer can rest easy knowing that payment will only be made upon presentation of the necessary paperwork. It lowers the danger of non-payment or non-delivery, making it a popular instrument in international trade, especially when working with unknown or far-off business partners.

3. Revocable Letter of Credit.

A revocable letter of credit is a letter issued by a bank on behalf of a buyer (importer) to the seller (exporter) guaranteeing payment for goods or services once certain conditions are met. Unlike an irrevocable letter of credit, which cannot be changed or canceled without the consent of all parties involved, a revocable letter of credit can be altered or revoked by the issuing bank without the consent of the beneficiary (seller).   Here are it features it uses to carry out trades:   Flexibility: The revocable nature of this letter of credit provides flexibility to the issuing bank, allowing them to modify or cancel the credit at any time without prior notice to the beneficiary. Risk: Because the terms of a revocable letter of credit can be changed or revoked by the issuing bank, it poses more risk for the beneficiary compared to an irrevocable letter of credit, where payment is more assured. Limited Use: Revocable letters of credit are less common in international trade compared to irrevocable ones due to the uncertainty and risk they present to the seller. Usage: Despite being less common, revocable letters of credit might still be used in certain situations, such as when the buyer and seller have a longstanding relationship and trust each other, or when the buyer’s creditworthiness is unquestionable. Considerations: Sellers who accept a revocable letter of credit should be aware of the risks involved, such as the possibility of non-payment if the issuing bank decides to revoke or modify the credit terms. It’s crucial for sellers to carefully assess the reliability and reputation of the issuing bank and the buyer before agreeing to such payment terms.   Summarizing a revocable letter of credit offers flexibility to the issuing bank, it also carries more risk for the beneficiary, making it less favored in international trade transactions compared to irrevocable letters of credit. Having been enlightened on features a letter of credits has and how they simply work and revolve about availability of fund the standby letter of credit is a secure safe crediting letter used to make funds available on account balance. Let us now head on to what flash fund is and how you can get it here.

Now what is flash funds? Talk flash fund think HackCanyon

What is Flash Funds;

Just like we explained in our previous post about what flash fund means to us here in HackCanyon, Flash fund is a type of banking transaction that allows you transfer huge amount of to any account available balance as a wire transfer with a credit alert.

Often times we do come across most writers claiming to know flash fund, and their explanation are often ” Flash fund is merely a tool of it own meanwhile the real deal is flash fund is an act carried out by cyber-criminal using a tool.


Flash Funds is an upgraded version that makes it possible to send fictitious bank warnings with ease, or even worse. in most cases the fictitious bank messages can be made to be in the targeted account balance up to 30-60 working days before it disappears from the victims account based on the strength of the bank firewalls. But note that within this period of time in available balance the flash fund is declared SPENDABLE by the bank server.


There are also different types of Flash Funds, but on this post we are going to still look at three(3) different types.  

(1) . Fake bank alert(FBA) 

(2) . Spendable Flash Funds 

(3) . Non-Spendable Flash Funds

  (1). Fake Bank Alert(FBA): Here is a kind of fake payment API sent to your account balance that only gives a fake bank alert without making the actual deposit or any sort of top-up on the previous current balance that was in the account.   For example you had the sum of $4500 as your account balance if you get credited with a fake alert of 500$ this alert of $500 will not send your current balance to $5000 rather it will remain as $4500 meanwhile you had received a credit alert of $500 you may be wondering what went wrong,   you have to panic as you have been credited with a fake bank alert that only alerts you but don’t actually top-up you current account balance.   This is a typical example and explanation of what a fake bank alert is and how it operates.

(2). Spendable Flash Funds:

This type of Flash Funding service is where whole lot of persons have had to loose their money trying to get it even without understanding how it really operates…  

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  Spendable flash funds are actually real life funds that can be withdrawn, spent in online shops or traded to earn real cash for goods and services.   But how can this be made possible and how can it be made possible you may be wanting to know and that is what you are here for and will have it just as you need.   With HackCanyon you can actually send in a Spendable flash funds payment of any amount into any provided account of your choice it doesn’t matter where the destination you wish to send to, your client will receive a profit notification showing a top-up in account balance and can make use of that funds recently credited for goods and services but of the account the funds where send has got a credit or debit card it can then still be used to make online purchases from some online business and shops offering goods and services. And that is because this payment was a spendable payment rooted by the senders server.

(3). Non-Spendable Flash Funds:

Non-spendable flash funds 😲? The queries on this exact transaction is making sure the payment do not vanishes from the receivers account before the agreed lasting time frame inputted in transacting time.   Non-spendable flash funds is one of the most practiced flash funds that many individuals use to get payment made and off their clients in all parts of Asia, Russia and America. That is because the payment pattern is always programed for on a specific period of time then it vanishes.

On-like the illustration we did tell about the FBA deposit this one is completely different because the receiving account doesn’t only get credited but the balance is credited and a top-up is also done to the previous balance,   e.g your colleague that live in Vietnam want to send 2000VND to you in the UK after he must have made this transaction to account using you banking details and you receive an amount close to 0.063 top-up in your account but only that this fund is not allowed to be spent either by send out or withdrawal as the funds will remain only in ledger and balance but can’t be spent.

Seems now you learnt about the flash fund methods and types sos you must be thinking to make that payment by flash funds why not move to know how you can acquire the Hackcanyon program. It is the safest way to get it done and not loose tracks or being caught.

What is Hackcanyon?

Hackcanyon is cloud-based hacking program used to make online transactions from any bank account. Hackcanyon is used to make debit on any credit/debit card from any country,

This license can freely flash an account into any country bank, Do a bank hack transfer from any bank account kind weather dormant or not, it also goes down the hall to hack debit and credit card.

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The Hackcanyon program has been in existence from the 2000″ an estimated numbers of flash funds done specifically into foreign bank account has exceeded beyond 70K numbers of total flash reflection successfully made available into any bank logs.

Heights reached had to be limited during this time we have estimated our user made used of the program for their activities with a daily limit that allowed all users to perform a total of $10,000,000 to $200M for all hacked and financial credit activities, this include the Bank Hack, Transfer Services and Hacking of CC.

When our credit ability got expanded and we where able to build our monetary firm on the dark net that is how our security protocols expanded a withdrawal credit Un-limitation to our funds making availability to every user with the help of the Canyon Professionals.

  1. HACKCANYON: This license can freely flash an account into any country bank, Do a bank hack transfer from any bank account kind weather dormant or not, it also goes down the hall to hack debit and credit card.
  2. CANYON PROFESSIONAL: Here, It does all the HACKCANYON license has to be doing including…. Call back btc, pentest a network to discover vulnerability, flash spendable and non-spendable bitcoin into any wallet address.

Who Are HackCanyon Professionals.

Here, It does all the HACKCANYON license has to be doing including…. Call back bitcoin, pentest a network to discover vulnerability, flash spendable and non-spendable bitcoin into any wallet address.

Basically Hackcanyon was categorized to two different license type that help beginners have privileges to gain access to the program, below will explain further Who this Canyon Professionals really are and what they do.

  1. HACKCANYON: Hackcanyon is cloud-based hacking program used to make online transactions from any bank account. Hackcanyon is used to make debit on any credit/debit card from any country.
  2. CANYON PROFESSIONAL: The Canyon Professional is a more higher definition of the Hackcanyon program, probably you would love to know what Hackcanyon is and also what it can be used for.

Canyon Professionals are expert advanced set from the developers/builders of the HACKCANYON, fully equipped set of black hat hackers that are capable of providing surety ethical hacking services in an advanced options like allowing user push payment through ACH to any user on the platform.


The HackCanyon program is very accessible to any one that seeks to have them but noting that it is a paid service to secure we work as hard as possible providing the most seemed transactions to you here feel safe to get in touch with our team.

WhatsApp: +32-460-22-44-53


Telegram: @Hackcanyon

ICQ: +32-460-22-44-53



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