How to Flash Funds into Available balance

Do you want to learn HOW TO FLASH FUNDS INTO AVAILABLE BALANCE? Then this post is all you need to do that. Have you been trying or searching through the internet trying to find out HOW TO FLASH FUNDS INTO AVAILABLE BALANCE? then search no more as this post will fully give you a complete initiative of how you can FLASH FUNDS INTO AVAILABLE BALANCE.

Before you can learn HOW TO FLASH FUNDS INTO AVAILABLE BALANCE you will have to get a clear understanding that these days there are some kind of transactions done.

For instance you will here most Marchant complain of how they have been scammed or cheated by a customer that must have bought some goods from them and had to pay via a bank transfer which is very common but unfortunately,

After it was agreed by the Marchant and then this customer makes a transfer but after some period of time the money sent to them has untraceably disappeared from the account, some of you may find this very awful, but the truth is that it is very possible, because this customers are able to do this with the help of some kind of software or program.

Methods customers are able to do this kind of transaction and tools they use is what we will be explaining to you guys on this post.

But just before that let us give to you a little lecture on some types of Flash Funds currently done nowadays.

Types of Flash Funds

There are currently two(2)types of Flash Funds.

  • Spendable Funds
  • Non Spendable Funds

Spendable Funds

A spendable Flashed Funds allows allows receiver marchant make use of the funds flashed into the account before the expiration of the duration set to the flash reflection.

The funds flashed can either be withdrawn or transferred to another account which ever way the receiver decides to spend the funds after receiving funds into the flashed account.

Non Spendable Funds

Non spendable funds are usually not being able to be used or transferred after receiver has been credited, this is a clear example of our explanation above of HOW TO FLASH FUNDS INTO AVAILABLE BALANCE.

Non Spendable Funds are also referred to as sending a fake alert, that allows a receiver to be credited but the money stays in the account during the period of time it was set to remain in the account just before disappearing, it’s disappearance depends on how long it was still set to remain in the account.

NOTE: Flashed funds has A duration to how long this money can stay in the Account, this is usually settable and only your software or program can decide this

How Long Can A Flashed Funds Stay In Available Balance

As we have mentioned earlier on, this is only decided by the kind of software or program which is being used to initiate the funds that is being flashed.

Some programs allow 72 hours durability for Non-spendable funds before its disappearance from the account, while most has the ability of making flash remain in the account for more 7 working days before it disappears from the account.

Now you must have gotten a clue on HOW TO FLASH FUNDS INTO AVAILABLE BALANCE, also the types and duration of flash funds, now take a sip of(water or coffee) relax and read on…!


There only few or not plenty Hackers out there that has this solution, or answers to this.

HackCanyon is one what you need in other to be able to flash funds into any bank account available balance,

I know you must be wondering on how you can acquire HackCanyon that should not be a problem as we are here to guide you through.

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Firstly you will need to have the HackCanyon license in other to download and make use of HackCanyon


How to get HackCanyon license

HackCanyon or Canyons Professional is not in any way a difficult task t get! actually as a matter of most FAQs like HOW TO GET HACKCANYON? 



all you have to do get a clear knowledge and understanding of what and what needs to be done on your portfolio, how determined you are…. And how prepared you are if your portfolio is set and all logs and details are ready.

The next step to take is make your order for your Hackcanyon program from our SHOP for any of the required packages best suitable for your transaction or you would want to speak with a support service Here

When your payment has been detected our support team at the back end will automatically generate a payment receipt for you via an email which you provided while filling out your payment information the receipt which will be given or demanded from our support team.

There after which you will be provided with your license and a download link where you will input your license to initiate your download and proceed with your transaction Before you proceed to transact a user must be logged in to our server to enable us detect and encrypt through due process just to keep and maintain our server from all malicious forms of attack.

Just after you must have gained access you can easily move to select on flash payment to carry out your flash funds

Do well to let us know how helpful this post was to in the comment or write to our SUPPORT TEAM


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