How to make Non-spendable BTC Spendable

What I will explain and make points out to you on this very post will be focused and targeted on how to make Non-spendable BTC in your blockchain or any other wallet Spendable and we will prove exactly that to you.

A unique thing about the blockchain network is that it allows all operators to see transactions details, figures transacted, time, date +addresses.

Having Non-spendable Bitcoin converted into Spendable BTC, on the blockchain network you can sure make Non-spendable, spendable BTC, because information transparency is viewable.

Making your Non-spendable Bitcoin to become spendable is very possible but still almost impossible as many scam related has dismantled many hoping to find out means and have answers to most questions like “How to make Non-spendable BTC Spendable” and this post may have brought you that one time trail you looked to grab……. try to read on!

Again! The blockchain network is where transactions are made an records kept clean with full transparency, let us check out “WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN”

What is Blockchain

How to make Non-spendable BTC Spendable

Blockchain also shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network,

Immutable transactions make it impossible for any entity (for example, a government or corporation) to manipulate, replace, or falsify data stored on the network

In a simple terms “blockchain can be described as a data structure that holds transactional records and while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization” You can also think of it as a chain or records stored in the forms of blocks which are controlled by no single authority.

To make Non-spendable BTC Spendable it got to be settled upon on your blockchain xplorer where all transaction hashes are collected

Illustration on how you can make Non-spendable BTC Spendable

How about we lead you with an illustration of what you may have gone through online from some trader or any vendor that may had promised to you to help you make your Non-spendable Bitcoin to become spendable but then on the other hand you will have to make about 450$ payment to help make this happen.

Here is the tricks from some, assume you have about, this instructor have told you that you can turn your Non-spendable Bitcoin and they can become spendable in your blockchain wallet too which has given to you a full confidence and you went on

So now, you are told that the promised amount has been added to your Blockchain wallet but it will remain Non-Spendable until you pay them the specific fee amount.

You might have already made an investment of $450 or so. If not, now they will ask you to make them a payment of some percentage of this btc in your wallet just say 10% and only then they will make this amount spendable.

Just now then, you start thinking you already have 0.578936538 hanging or let’s say stocked in your wallet, and now you have to make this Non-spendable btc spendable. You still try to make out something by telling this vendor to make a way out by cutting off some % from your Non-spendable funds to clear this fee that can then convert your Non-spendable to become spendable which you are told that funds in your wallet cannot be touched. AN NOW THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING!

This is where you begin to get uncomfortable because you still cannot make your Non-spendable Bitcoin to become spendable.

Now a little briefing of how you can make this Non-spendable in blockchain wallet

How to make Non-spendable BTC in blockchain wallet

This is only for some educational purposes and it should not be seen more than such

We will Kickstart with a newly created blockchain wallet

The image above is a newly created blockchain wallet just like those your vendors but remember that blockchain can be described as a data structure that holds transactional records and while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization, which simply says transactions are transparent to other user

On the blockchain explorer By default it is showing the blocks so we click on the Transactions because we need some wallet address for this experiment. So have the latest unconfirmed transactions on the blockchain along with their hash id, time, amount in BTC and amount in USD.


Clicking on any hash which then will display all transaction of details of the transaction in an 🆔

Then you will have both wallet that just received and sent out BTC, then click on the wallet theta has just received the BTC 0.578936538

Now we have complete details of this wallet addresses this wallet is freshly wallet as it only has just one transaction which is yet unconfirmed click on the clipboard icon in front of the wallet id and it will be copied to our clipboard.

Now let us return to our own wallet that we created for this experiment click on Settings and the Wallet & Addresses. This will open the following page on the screen


{1} showing our default BTC wallet in this Blockchain account & gives us another option to create another wallet within this same account, DO WE NEED THAT? NO! So we just use {2} Import Bitcoin Address. Clicking on {2} will open a pop up.


Here we will import existing address generated in this wallet (wallets which were created in the same account using), or import existing address generated outside this wallet? What this means that we will be importing a btc wallet address that is not actually a part of this account or this address.

When you click the second option, new options appear in the same pop up. Blockchain network shows a warning in a blue that this feature can only be used by an advanced user meaning the users who have good understanding of the Blockchain networking system.


On {1} pasting the wallet address we have copied from the blockchain explorer the same thing as written caption on images if you want to list this {2} wallet and then hit the import button to see what surfaces.

That is it, you have just imported this address and have just successfully created a Non-spendable BTC in this wallet

Now let’s get things understood, you have successfully imported BTC from the address into your wallet, but can you spend this BTC you have just imported into your own wallet, but still cannot spend

You can also check out our other post about how you can still learn how you can flash BTC to any Bitcoin wallet


Here exactly is where you need an external body or entity and HackCanyon is perfectly what you could be needing to make your Non-spendable Bitcoin Spendable an allow it to move to other wallets between the blockchain conversation networks

What is HackCanyon

What is Hackcanyon? It is an advanced Cloud-based program you can use to withdraw money from any any bank account, flash funds, convert your Non-spendable Bitcoin to become spendable, withdraw money any credit card or debit card without any authorization or authentication request from bank,

you have options of what to do with the funds either to convert it to crypto or to withdraw it to any available bank account or to any other offshore bank account ,With HackCanyon you will have strong powerful most needed features by any hacker

Who can use HackCanyon?

HackCanyon mainly has been created for mostly script kiddies hackers and also can be used an operated by any one who has obtained a license of the program.

How can i get HackCanyon license

To get HackCanyon license kindly CLICK HERE to get, if you have any complaints or questions do well to CONTACT US


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