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How to flash funds into an account: Hackcanyon program

How to flash funds into an account??? if you have purchased the Hackcanyon program then you can freely send a flash fund into any bank account without any hassles, in other to do this it is best preferred using two different bank accounts that keeps every transactions untraceable.

What is Flash Fund?

Flash funds, which may be used by hackers to deploy payments to any bank account, are best described as a method that shows the available amount on the account but prevents withdrawals or transfers for a certain period of time, and can even be configured to disappear. It is more like a real credit alert because they usually go through correspondents swift bank messages, also like an inter banking conversation between originator and the beneficiary which uses MT202 or Even MT760 and also MT103 to generate a letter of credit with-in originators bank and beneficiary bank.  It also a process where money is sent to your account and it vanished after some or number of days this method is apparently know as Non-Spendable funds or a fake bank alert. In 2019 the Federal Trade Commission {FTC} calculated a total amount of fifty-six thousand {56,000} reported cases of fake bank alert transfer that was targeted at their server, how was this even possible?
A compromised or tempered with server is like to become very vulnerable to various kind of attack on the internet, causing breach of communication and also not identifying owner and carry out command not meant to. Recipients involved had shared most of their grief on blog post explaining how they got tricked into this fake alert that never existed or added any $ to their bank accounts bal. These occurrences are no longer common these days as a whole lot of victims are reportedly falling to it without having it idea and clue how to it got to happen. Basically, there are two sorts of flash funds. 1. SPENDABLE FUNDS 2. NON-SPENDABLE FUNDS