How to make a Flash payment with HackCanyon

Have you just recently purchased the HackCanyon Program? will you be purchasing the license but still don’t know how to make flash payment with HackCanyon then don’t worry as we are going to help with this process,

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What Is Flash Payment?/Flash Funds: 

Let us get ahead, In a brief description I will explain what flash potraits or describes……………Does it still refer to Flash Funds? You’d find out if you read on,

A Flash is somewhat a beep which means it may or may not have been actually gotten but was delivered, which is it was fake sent, received but not gotten. 

On that note what exactly is flash payment or flash funds? 

A flash payment is an instantaneous payment sent into a bank account using the details associated to the account this flash payment can be sent from any part of the world just like we do bank and wire tranfers to our friends, colleagues and family members. But in this case the payment is referred as a flash fund payment meaning is is made available into the account available balance and meant to stay there for on some period of time it may be 7,14,31 or 78 days and more depending on the service rendering you this flash fund service. 

Types of Flash Funds: 

Basically on most of our previous blogs we explained the various types of flash but we will do that also on this post for you to know exactly the kind of flash payment you will want to go for. 

1. Fake bank alert(FBA) 

2. Spendable Flash Funds 

3. Non-Spendable Flash Funds

(1). Fake Bank Alert(FBA): 

Here is a kind of fake payment API sent to your account balance that only gives a fake bank alert without making the actual deposit or any sort of top-up on the previous current balance that was in the account.

For example you had the sum of $4500 as your account balance if you get credited with a fake alert of 500$ this alert of $500 will not send your current balance to $5000 rather it will remain as $4500 meanwhile you had received a credit alert of $500 you may be wondering what went wrong,

you have to panic as you have been credited with a fake bank alert that only alerts you but dont actually top-up you current account balance. 

This is a typical example and explanation of what a fake bank alert is and how it operates. 

(2). Spendable Flash Funds:

This type of Flash Funding service is where whole lot of persons have had to loose thier money trying to get it even without understanding how it really operates…

You need a real FBA senders to all regions in Europe, South Africa and India CHECK THEM OUT 

Spendable flash funds are actually real life funds that can be withdrawn, spent in online shops or traded to earn real cash for goods and services. 

But how can this be made possible and how can it be made possible you may be wanting to know and that is what you are here for and will have it just as you need. 

With HackCanyon you can actually send in a Spendable flash funds payment of any amount into any account of your choice it doesn’t matter where the destination you wish to send to, your client will receive a profit notification showing a top-up in account balance and can make use of that funds recently credited for goods and services but of the account the funds where send has got a credit or debit card it can then still be used to make online purchases from some online business and shops offering goods and services. And that is because this payment was a spendable payment rooted by the senders server.

This server deploys payment to all network

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(3). Non-Spendable Flash Funds:

Non-spendable flash funds 😲? The queries on this exact transaction is making sure the payment do not vanishes from the receivers account account before the agreed lasting time frame inputed in transacting time. 

Non-spendable flash funds is one of the most practiced flash funds that many individuals use to get payment made and off their clients in all parts of Asia, Russia and America. That is because the payment pattern is always programed for on a specific period of time then it vanishes. 

On-like the illustration we did tell about the FBA deposit this one is completely different because the receiving account doesn’t only get credited but the balance is credited and a top-up is also done to the previous balance,

e.g your colleague that live in Vietnam want to send 2000VND to you in the UK after he must have made this transaction to account using you banking details and you receive an amount close to 0.063 top-up in your account but only that this fund is not allowed to be spent either by send out or withdrawal as the funds will remain only in ledger and balance but can’t be spent. 

Information always has a lead role to wealth this is How to make a flash payment with HackCanyon without any interruptions or facing any hassle in getting credited or withdrawal issues. 

You don’t need doing so much. 


  • Get HackCanyon License 

Kindly not that HackCanyon licenses are in two license type which the costing differs. Navigating through their shopping section can help you find out about this. 

After you must have successfully paid for a license you can now create your private account to start using the HackCanyon Program. 

  • Create HackCanyon Account 

You must have paid for your license, now nothings holding any more so here you begin this forbidden adventure to flash funds.

Your transactions are totally done remotely and anonymously without a leak on the network or lead to your real identity or location. 

Now to get on you have to login with your credentials when account was created. 

  • Log into HackCanyon 

After account creation is done all you have to do next is to log into the account you have just created, account serves as an access provided for you it’s a gateway to login on and resume process to performing your flash payment or flash fund or any other kind of unauthorized transactions offered by HackCanyon.